BigDFT - DFT over wavelets  1.7.5
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 Developing the BigDFT documentation and some coding rules
 Contributors for the different version of BigDFT
 News about BigDFTHistory of the BigDFT project
 Installation of BigDFTInstruction for the installation of BigDFT
 Installation instructions of the PSolver library
 Non-regression tests for BigDFTNon-regression tests (BigDFT)
 Non-regression tests related to the ground-state calculations.Non-regression tests (ground-state calculations)
 Test the cubic version of the code.Non-regression tests (ground-state with the cubic version)
 Test the linear version of the code.Non-regression tests (ground-state with the linear version)
 Test the features after the self-consistent cycleNon-regression tests (features after the SCF)
 Tests the functionalities on top of KS calculationsNon-regression tests (on top of KS)
 Non-regression tests of the internal parts of BigDFTNon-regression tests (internal libraries)
 Tests the tutorial examplesNon-regression tests (BigDFT tutorials)
 Todo List