BigDFT - DFT over wavelets  1.7.5
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  docContains some documentations about BigDFT
 READMEREADME about the documentation of BigDFT and especially the main rules to develop it
  flibThis directory contains the flib library (memory allocation, dictionaries, ...)
  srcDirectory source of the flib library
  testsContains some tests for the flib library
 READMEREADME of the flib library
  PSolverDirectory containing the PSolver library
  srcDirectory containing the source of the PSolver library
  testsContains some tests for the PSolver library
 READMEREADME of the source directory of the PSolver library
 external.f90External routines of the BigDFT library
  testsContains all non-regression tests for BigDFT
  DFTContains all tests related to the ground-state calculations
  libsDirectory of the tests for internal libraries
  overDFTDirectory for the tests about functionalities on top of KS calculations
  tutorialsContains the BigDFT tutorials
 READMEREADME of the non-regression tests of BigDFT
 AUTHORSList of the contributors for the different versions of BigDFT
 INSTALLInstallation of BigDFT
 NEWSNews of the BigDFT project
 READMEREADME of the src directory for the project BigDFT